The management of Tapcork Natural defines and is committed with his quality policy as expressed below:

Our philosophy is to offer a very good product with the best quality/price ratio and with a good advisory advice and customization both pre-sales and after-sales, developed by our commercial managers and from the factory, where the cork stoppers are worked in detail, always controlling the quality and customer requests, whereas quality is the main factor for customer satisfaction, and therefore always works under the premise of continuous improvement and involves all staff members in providing ideas to prevent problems and bring improvements, responsible most of its employees for product quality control.

Following strict quality control developed both on own facilities and in external laboratories, Tapcork offers its customers maximum safety regarding the traceability of the cork stopper and compliance with the legislation.

All products used for cleaning and finishing the cork stopper comply with the regulations FDA y CEE.

All our cork stoppers are delivered to the customer vacuum packed and sterilized with SO2, with an attached technical check containing all the technical specifications of the cork stopper and with the corresponding code marked by the NCS for storage.

The management of the company considers it essential to have a management policy and the associated commitments, with the objective of assuring customers that the product they will receive follows as closely as possible their purchase requirement.

Tapcork Natural takes all necessary defect prevention measures, all non-conformities are analysed and all corrective and preventive actions are implemented.

Offer customers products with FSC® Chain of Custody certification (*), which guarantees the consumer the contribution to the conservation of forests and the social, economic, cultural and environmental values associated with them and increase the added value and the social recognition of forest products because it is guaranteed that part of the production comes from responsible forest management.

Also we work with respect to the environment especially if we’re talking about the rejection product.

All Tapcork Natural workers are involved in one way or another in the process of delivering batch to customers for that reason we are always constantly improving, detecting possible errors and always modifying them preventively.

Tapcork Natural Management

15 November 2021.